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Alligator Onion Chopper

Price: £19.95 

Product code: 67ALL

Recently featured on Chanel 4's The 'F' Word.

This brilliant Alligator Onion Chopper dices onions and other fruit and vegetables within seconds. Simply peel the outer skin off of the onion, cut it in half, and place face down on the chopper. Push the handle down in one smooth action and that's it, the onion is finely diced, and no tears have been shed.

∑ Alligator Onion Chopper with stainless steel 'grid'
∑ Ideal for those with limited mobility, or those who hate to chop onions!
∑ Suitable for use with all types of fruit and vegetables
∑ Simple to use and clean as the middle section dismantles easily
∑ Dishwasher safe

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