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1.5 ltr Chrome Ice Cream Maker

Price: £55.95 

Product code: 11042

This versatile ice cream machine can churn 1.5 litres of ice cream in 20 minutes.

The Le Glacier ice cream machine by Magimix produces 1.5 litres of homemade ice cream in approximately twenty minutes. The bowl contains a liquid that chills when placed in a freezer overnight. Once frozen, the bowl can be attached to the motor unit, before being switched on and the ice cream 'custard' added. Churning takes approximately twenty minutes to reach the 'soft scoop' stage. This product is ideal for anyone with a love for ice cream or those with specific dietary requirements.


∑ 1.5 litre bowl capacity
∑ Removable motor unit and paddle for easy cleaning and storage
∑ On/off button and pouring shield on the motor unit
∑ Additional bowls and paddles available
∑ Chrome finish available
∑ Dimensions approximately: 18cm high, 20cm diameter
∑ 1 year guarantee

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