Europe 2020

img02New Strategy of the European Union’s Development
“Europe 2020”

On 3 March 2010 The European Commission issued an information note about a new development strategy of the European Union – Europe 2020: a strategy for smart, sustainable and inclusive growth, COM (2010) 2020, Brussels, 3.3.2010. This document is the continuation and development of the Lisbon Strategy, executed by the European Union in 2000-2010. The new strategy starts the discussion about the future of the Community’s economy and the development directions of the European Union. Europe 2020 is based on experiences and achievements of the Lisbon Strategy. Its basic aim was to create in the European Union the most competitive and dynamically developing economy based on knowledge, capable of permanent development and creation of a bigger number of better work places, and at the same time to assure the highest social cohesion within the Community. The strategy initiated numerous coordinated activities in many areas, among others: education, scientific research, public financing, creation of an information society and economy based on knowledge. The strategy took advantage of community scientific and research potential which was to become the main impulsion of modernised economy of the Community. The review of the effects of the implementation of the Lisbon Strategy carried out in 2004-2005 showed that, in spite of intense efforts of the member states, many goals of this plan were not achieved. In the Renewed Lisbon Strategy (2005) more stress was put on ensuring sustainable economic growth of the Community and creation of new work places. The key to the success were to be: innovations, knowledge based economy and the improvement of conditions for commercial activity within the Community.

The failure of the Lisbon Strategy determined the European Union to undertake more effective activities aiming at the realisation of the most important developmental directives. The implementation of the new strategy has particular meaning in the face of difficulties caused by the world financial crisis and the following recession, as well as problems connected with the euro zone functioning. The crisis exposed the weaknesses of the Union’s economy and finance and directed attention to obstacles to the Union’s development resulting from globalisation, natural resources deficit and aging of the western Europe society. The European Commission acknowledged that contemporary obstacles to the Union’s development can be overcome only by radical changes founded on the creation of innovative, ecological and society-friendly economy.

The strategy Europe 2020 presents directives for developmental activities of the European Union for the next decade (2010-2020). They emphasise:

I. Smart growth – supporting the development of economy based on knowledge and innovations and new technologies,

II. Sustainable growth – promoting the development of low emission, competitive economy, using the Community’s resources more effectively,

III. Inclusive growth – supporting the development of economy aiming at the highest level of employment and ensuring social, economic and territorial cohesion of the European Union.

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