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European Website of Integration and Development

The European Website of Integration and Development, according to its initiator’s intention, is an informative and opinion creating website, devoted to political and economic problems connected with European integration. The subject of our interest are current conditionings and barriers of the European Union’s development.

The key issue for the development of the Community, which we will deal with, is the practical realisation is the postulate of communal economy modernisation by creating modern and competitive knowledge based economy. This purpose was brought into prominence in one of the most important European developmental initiatives of the previous decade – The Lisbon Strategy. Its ambitious, although as life has shown, difficult to achieve, goals set the appropriate change direction for the European Union. It leads to the creation, on its structures, of the innovative and highly competitive economic organism, which will be able to compete with largest political and economic powers of the current world, The United States of America and China, among others. The creation of the modern and most competitive economy, using unique technologies, is an ambitious and difficult to achieve task in the conditions of strong disproportions in the territorial development of the Community. However, this goal is achievable for the European Union member states, due to enormous potential these countries have in various spheres.

In the discussion devoted to the future of the Community we will direct special attention to Poland, a substantial European country, which should play an important role in the process of strengthening of the European Union. Taking into account the priorities presented in the Lisbon Strategy and it continuation, a strategic document – Europe 2020, it must be stressed that issues connected with economic development, and especially with technological advancement, of the European Union and Poland, are convergent today. For Poland, which has been developing independently in free market economy conditions only since the beginning the 1990s of the 20th century, the inclusion in the creation of the innovative and highly competitive communal economy is an exceptional chance that should definitely be taken advantage of.

Website Editors’ topics of interest are issues basic for the development of the European Union and in particular:

The creation of modern, innovative, knowledge based economy which is to transform the Community into one of the most dynamic and economically competitive regions of the world.

The development of science and effective research and development policies constituting the foundation for the creation of the new European economy.

Structural policies of the European Union aiming at even and balanced development of the Community and counteraction to unfavourable for this process disproportions in its regional development.

A great support to the development and modernisation of the Community is the recently adopted by its member states the Treaty of Lisbon, as well as, prepared under the guidance of the European Commission, a new developmental strategy  – Europe 2020. The implementation of the provisions of these documents is a difficult and long-lasting process, none the less, it will substantially contribute to the growth of European economy and the international significance of the European Union.


Ph.D. Artur Jan Kukuła
Editor in chief of
the European Website of Integration and Development